Murray Transport Connections

Link SA Country Bus Service SignMurray Transport Connections is a Community Passenger Network (CPN) service funded by the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.  The program is being delivered by Mid Murray Council, in partnership with the Rural City of Murray Bridge.

Murray Transport Connections has the following key objectives:

  • Murray Transport Connections links people who require transport with those who provide transport
  • Murray Transport Connections is a central point of contact for transport information in the Mid Murray Council and Rural City of Murray Bridge regions
  • Murray Transport Connections can help coordinate transport options for eligible residents who are unable to access transport, or cannot access a private vehicle, due to frailty, age, disability or geographic isolation.







The CPN is available to assist with coordinating transport services for residents of Mid Murray Council and Rural City of Murray Bridge, who are ‘transport disadvantaged’.  Our role includes:

  • Coordinating the changing of appointments and transport trips on behalf of consumers to enable transport availability when accessing services, facilities and social activities
  • Making referrals on behalf of consumers to existing transport service providers in region
  • Coordinating bookings for the Coorong Coaches Medical Bus service for eligible residents of Rural City of Murray Bridge.   Highway Hiker Family at Bus Stop








Current Projects

Murray Transport Connections does not currently have any youth specific transport projects, however, we can provide information and assist with coordinating transport services for young people who are transport disadvantaged *

* Transport disadvantage exists when a person cannot access transport to maintain their quality of life and participate in their local community.  Specifically it is when someone is:

  • unable to access public transport due to distance, mobility and/or availability of services; and
  • unable to drive him/herself; and
  • unable to access another person to transport them

In rural and regional areas the reasons people may be considered transport disadvantaged can be a lot broader than in metropolitan areas.  For example, in rural areas there is usually limited or no public transport options; taxi fares may be too expensive; incomes may be very low due to changes in the economic climate; single parents may be on a restricted income and unable to afford private local options; older people may not be able to climb hills even if the shops are a short distance away. 

So the target group is broader and can include:

  • frail older people
  • carers
  • low income earners
  • single parent families
  • people with disabilities
  • job seekers
  • women
  • youth

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Murray Transport Connections
Contact Person:  Karyn Baker and Natalie Davis
Phone:  1300 190869
Address: PO BOX 28, MANNUM SA 5238

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