Innovative Community Action Networks (ICANs) bring together young people, families, schools, community groups, businesses and different levels of government to find solutions to local issues that prevent young people from completing their education.

ICAN works with school and agency staff to provide support for young people, from year 6 to 19 years of age (up to age 25 for young mothers) who are:

– enrolled in school but at risk of early leaving

– disengaged and/or not re-engaging to a pathway to employment, further education or community participation, or a combination of these.

ICANs are:

Innovative—new approaches
Community—people working together
Action—not just a talkfest
Networks—finding joined up solutions

Current Projects

  • Community Partnership Grant funding – allocated through the Murray Area ICAN Management Committee.
  • Flexible Learning Option (FLO) enrolment strategy – providing Case Management and a flexible timetable to support reengagement with learning.  An eligibility criterion applies.  Contact schools direct.
  • ILC_logos_outlineIndependent Learning Centre (ILC) – 24 Seventh St Murray Bridge.  Offers FLO enrolled young people a range of SACE and VET subjects and alternative curriculum opportunities.   A well-equipped and supportive adult education learning environment in a community based setting. SSO’s and teachers from MBHS are based at the ILC along with Youth Workers from HYPA and Workskil providing case management.
    Contact ILC ph: 8531 0101.ILC Computers Outside ILC
  • SACE@Learning Together  – based at Fraser Park CPC-7 School.  SACE@Learning Together offers young parents (age up to 25) the opportunity to complete their SACE through a FLO enrolment, based on topics that are relevant and of interest to them.  The program is run in a supported child-friendly environment, so children can play while parents learn.  Case Management support is provided throughout the program.
    Contact Susie Bowden (Learning Together Manager) Ph: (08) 8531 3090 M:  0423 020 991.


Name: Elona Koop
Phone: 8532 0749
Email:   elona.koop@sa.gov.au
Address: 20 Beatty Terrace, Murray Bridge SA 5253
Website: www.ican.sa.edu.au