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The Murraylands Youth Sector Network has the aim of maintaining a coordinated and inclusive network of representatives from across the Murraylands Region, whose focus and commitment is primarily to support youth within the community.

Current projects include the development of a Murraylands Youth Services Directory website, for which the network has a sub-committee. A grants sub-committee look at available grants that may suit projects network members are interested in collaborating in.

Please see our members pages for more details about the organisations involved in the network.

Murraylands Youth Sector Network Terms of Reference


The name of the Committee shall be Murraylands Youth Sector Network.


To maintain a coordinated and inclusive network of representatives from across the Murraylands Region, whose focus and commitment is primarily to support youth within the community.


  • Any person, agency or group interested in the purpose or functions of the network may become a member.
  • Members may appoint a proxy who may attend and vote on their behalf.
  • Decisions will be made by consensus. A quorum of members must be present before decisions or votes can be made. At least ‘half plus one’ of members must be present for decisions or votes to take place.
  • Persons may be invited to attend the meetings at the request of the Chairperson on behalf of the committee to provide information, advice and assistance where necessary. They have no voting rights and may be requested to leave the meeting at any time by the chairperson.
  • Committee members will cease to be a member of the network group if they notify the network in writing.


The Chairperson shall be elected by the network for a period of 12 months. Their responsibilities include:

  • Guiding the meeting according to the agenda and time available;
  • Inviting guests to attend meetings when required by the network;
  • Ensuring all discussion items end with a decision, action or definite outcome; and
  • Review and approve the draft minutes before distribution;


The role of the minute taker is to:
Prepare agendas and issuing notices for meetings, and ensuring all necessary documents requiring discussion or comment are attached to the agenda.

  • Taking notes of proceedings and preparing minutes of meeting
  • Distributing the minutes to all network members after the meeting
  • The minutes shall be checked by the Chairperson and accepted by the committee members as a true and accurate record at the commencement of the next meeting.


Meetings shall be held the first Monday of every second month, commencing at 1.00pm unless otherwise notified. A special or extraordinary meeting may be called by half of the members.


The functions of the network include:
Promote the needs of youth across the region and where appropriate facilitate the development of policy and services to meet these needs through lobbying and collaborative partnerships.

  • Facilitate and encourage the exchange of information between government, non-government, councils, educational institutions and community organisations to meet the needs of young people.
  • Provide and promote training and development opportunities to membersthrough Youth Network funding or other sources which may become available from time to time.
  •  Coordinate and support grant applications by members that will enhance services and facilities for young people across the region.


The terms of reference shall be reviewed annually from the date of approval. It may be altered to meet the current needs of youth and youth services, by agreement of the majority of network members.

Adopted on November 7, 2011.